2023 Fall Planning Conference Results

On November 16, 2023, MARCC Delegates ranked Displacement, Affordable Housing, Homelessness and Community Violence Prevention as the two MARCC Priority Social Concerns for 2024. These two social concerns will be the focus of MARCC, in search of local resolutions that are doable by our interfaith coalition.

These priority concerns may encompass related sub-topics in search of policies that improve the systems or institutions that help people. For example, Displacement, Affordable Housing, Homelessness may address re-entry housing, housing for people who are asylees, immigrants, single-parent families, and individuals. Community Violence Prevention may include policies that result in models to decrease trauma, develop hospital interventions, and systemic ways to reduce hate incidents.

We live in a time when we need to rethink how MARCC can best address our priority social concerns through the most effective policies that not only increase housing security and personal safety among individuals, families, teens, and children, but are also sensitive, intentional, and inclusive of race, religious beliefs, gender, economic disparities in our metropolitan community. This is the work of MARCC.