Our 2022 objectives

Affordable Housing / Displacement / Homelessness

  • Advocate for Housing Trust Funds in local jurisdictions with policy makers.
  • Advocate for long-term funding for affordable housing from a range of city options: taxes, fees, short-term rentals, tax abatements, scooters, etc.
  • Educate judicatories and the broader community on the absence of affordable housing through current data and stories.
  • Listen to people who are displaced and learn what real estate, development or government policies that can lead to displacement.
  • Advocate for policies that prevent displacement and partner with organizations on issues of displacement.
  • Learn about types of housing that may be used in a strategy to increase affordable units for individuals and families.
  • Advocate for administrative processes, rules and policies that lessen housing barriers for foster children aging out of the system and returning citizens with a criminal record.
  • Educate judicatories and congregations, who may be interested in hosting or acting as a resource to Found House Interfaith Housing Network homeless families.
  • Send representatives and continue active membership in Affordable Housing Advocates.
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Community-Police Relations / Justice Reform

  • Listen and learn through people’s stories about their experience with the criminal justice system.
  • Inform judicatory delegates about local court processes and jail detainment procedures.
  • Inform judicatory delegates about the Collaborative Refresh process.
  • Advocate for implementation of the Collaborative Refresh recommendations.
  • Advocate for changes in Hamilton County bail and jury selection processes.
  • Advocate that more case investigators be hired for Citizen Complaint Authority Division, City of Cincinnati; and funding for policy analysis and development.
  • Advocate for public policy initiatives that reduce the local and state prison population.
  • Send representative to University of Cincinnati Community Compliance Council, the City Manager Advisory Group for Collaborative Agreement goals and Refresh Recommendations; and to Southwest Region Workforce Investment Board.
  • Inform and advocate for use of the MARCC Photo I.D. Card and Services.
  • Send representatives and train volunteers to participate in the Court Watch Project and become more knowledgeable about the local judicial process.
MARCC Photo ID Card and Services
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