Project Description

MARCC Photo ID & Services

Improving potential for immigrants, re-entering citizens, and others who might not have access to a government-issued form of identification.

“We are all Cincinnatians.”

In May of 2016, the City of Cincinnati voted to recognize the MARCC ID card as a valid form of government identification. This resolution improved access to services and public safety from within populations of people who find it difficult to obtain other forms of identification, including immigrants, people returning from prison, people experiencing homelessness, and others who may have limited access to government issued forms of identification.

Police officers and city agencies within the City of Cincinnati and Covington, KY, will recognize the MARCC ID Card as a valid form of identification, except where state and/or federal law requires another form of identification. However, it is not a replacement for a driver’s license or a state identification card, nor does it provide the right to vote in elections. It will provide equal protection and due process under law to receive government services. It creates a safer, more inclusive, and welcoming community. Learn what services are available through the MARCC ID Card, and read the story of how the City of Cincinnati and Covington came to accept it as valid identification.

How to Get a MARCC ID Card:

Residents interested in obtaining a MARCC ID card will need to provide the following pieces of information:

  1. One acceptable photo ID: passport, current or expired Ohio driver’s license or ID card issued within the last three months, out of state driver’s license, foreign national ID card from home country, Matricula Consular, previously issued MARCC ID card, military ID from the US or home country
  2. An address verification: utility bill (cable, water, electricity, gas, electric, internet, phone), bank statement, medical bill/medicaid statement, or credit card bill
  3. $20.00 cash
  4. Renewed every two years.

What to Expect during the Process:

  1. All who want to obtain a MARCC ID card are required to participate in a mandatory orientation. During this time, we explain the card’s benefits and limitations, and then engage in valuable dialogue with law enforcement and other community partners.
  2. Your existing photo identification and proof of address will be reviewed and entered into our administrative records. These documents will be returned to you immediately. We will also take your photo to use on the ID card.
  3. You will receive your new MARCC ID Card in the mail at the address you gave us within two weeks.

What Services are Available Using the MARCC ID Card:

  • To establish valid identification
    • Cincinnati Police Department
    • Cities of Blue Ash, Forest Park, Springdale, and Covington
    • West Chester Township Law Enforcement Departments
    • Hamilton County Sheriff and its 13 Patrol Districts of unincorporated townships within Hamilton County: Anderson Township, Columbia Township, Green Township, Miami Township, Symmes Township, Crosby Township, Harrison Township, Sycamore Township, Whitewater Township, the Village of North Bend, the Village of Silverton, the Village of Arlington Heights, and the Village of Lincoln Heights
    • Cincinnati Fire Department
    • Women, Infants, and Children’s Program (WIC)
    • All City of Cincinnati agencies and public services
  • To obtain a library card at any branch
    • Cincinnati Public Library of Hamilton County
  • To secure water and sewage services
    • Greater Cincinnati Water Works
  • To access medical and dental care
    • Tri-Health
    • Cincinnati Health Department
  • To access CRC Membership Services
    • Cincinnati Parks and Recreation
  • To obtain building and event permits
  • To submit a formal complaint for property maintenance and code enforcement

The MARCC ID Card is a collaborative project between the Catholic Charities of Southwestern OH — Su Casa and the Metropolitan Area Religious Coalition of Cincinnati.


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